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A Brief Rundown Of Where All The Characters Are In Their Lives


Angel: In love with Cordelia, worried about Connor's well-being
Cordelia: Starting to realize she loves Angel, discovering the extent of her demon powers
Wesley: Abandoned by all his friends, sleeping with Lilah
Fred: Hunky-dory with Gunn, trying to manage Wesley's role at the hotel
Gunn: Hunky-dory with Fred, still the real muscle around the hotel
Lorne: Decided he was going to go to Vegas...
Connor: Has run off after discovering Holtz was dead, believes that Angel killed him
Lilah: Having sex with Wesley


Buffy: Realized she wants to teach Dawn everything about the world and fighting
Willow: In England, with Giles, after almost distroying the world
Xander: Saved the world from Willow, had left Anya at the altar
Giles: Helping Willow recover in England
Spike: Has a soul
Dawn: Is less annoying now than she ever was now that she is "starting" high school
Anya: Become a vengance demon again

Other Characters From Both Shows

Andrew: Run off to Mexico
Johnathon: Run off to Mexico
Faith: In an L.A. prison
Groo: Dumped by Cordelia
Buffy-Bot: Hanging around, as always

Taken Characters

Angel: fallen_lover
Cordelia Chase: _cordelia_chase
Wesley: NEEDED!
Fred: scientific_fred
Gunn: Pending
Lorne: singing_green_1
Connor: slayer_boy
Lilah Morgan: hartless_bitch

Buffy: lolbuffbuff
Willow: witchywill
Xander: scoobycarpenter
Giles: gmangiles
Spike: souled_big_bad
Dawn: storyof_thegirl
Anya: vengeful_anya

Faith: 5_by_five